Go with your Pro - Alfredo Gomez


A day's training with Alfredo Gomez

Enduro training with Husqvarna Factory rider Alfredo Gomez.



He will train with you for one day in the Metzeler Offroad Park on Lake Garda, individually tailored for your performance group.



Learn first-hand basics and many advanced enduro techniques from the professional!



Course programme:

Allocation into performance groups.

Groups 1 +2 Training with Alfredo on Saturday.

Groups 3 +4 Training with Alfredo on Sunday.

Groups change throughout the day in rotation.


The groups are divided in advance on the basis of your level.

Please remember to specify your level when you book.

Groups are allocated by email before the event.


The event kicks off in the paddock at 8 am on the respective day.

We start the day with organisational matters.

After a short briefing and theory session with Alfredo, the individual groups get down to business.


We'll set up a camp in the paddock from Friday to Sunday.

If you want to, you're welcome to join us with your camper. Camping in the park costs another €10/night.

The camping fee includes electricity, toilets and showers.

If you like it a little more comfortable, you can stay at the hotel right next to the Park. It costs €69/night for a double room, including breakfast.

More information can be found at: http://www.hotelciclamino.com/en/



About the Enduropark:

The Metzeler Offroad Park is about 20 km north of Lake Garda.

The course consists of a simpler enduro track with three different difficulty levels.


Soft: suitable for beginners. A wider track at about 2m wide on a firm surface with sandy sections.

Intermediate: slightly narrower tracks, partly single-track. Simple obstacles have been installed here and there.

Hard: tight and narrow single-track trails that are difficult to master, with lots of loose gravel and challenging obstacles.


The simple soft track regularly branches off into more difficult intermediate and hard sections.

We can close off different sections for training, and calmly concentrate on sections of the track for specific, individual training.

You can also train in the trial sections, where you can easily learn and refine your endurocross techniques such as lifting the frontwheel.


Informations about the Enduropark:

VIA Cargadori 3
38074 Pietramurata

The park is open from Tuesdays to Sundays. If you want to stay an extra day, you should arrive one day earlier, as Monday is a rest day there.



When booking, please indicate your skill level in the "Messages" field for grouping later on.

Beginner / intermediate / advanced / pro

Special Training with Alfredo Gomez 27.+28.04.19 (E)

290,00 €

260,00 €

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